'steps taken'
Julie Swan 2013
terracotta/iron oxide / copper /gold patina
h.87cm x w.53cm x d.30cm

'earth hommage'
Julie Swan 2011
terracotta/copper/ iron oxide
h.64cm x w.80cm

'is this it'

Julie Swan 2011

terracotta/copper/iron oxide

h.65cm x w.48cm

'I am here'

Julie Swan 2010

terracotta/iron oxide/gold/silver patina

h.68cm x w.45cm

'still here'
Julie Swan 2009
terracotta/iron oxide
h.65cm x w.40cm

not named

Julie Swan 2008


h.87cm x 50cm

At the end of a series and before beginning a new one, I like to create a work that begins by referencing the ancient Buddhist icon of Tara. I look forward to this time immensely and each is always a joy to work with. I use traditional 'mudras' with each work and I apply my understanding of the energy associated with each invocation. My challenge has been to recognise and explore the Tara energy found in women today. I then re-interpret Tara in a contemporary guise. These works are a small representation of the many that have been created.

Tara Reference